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Grey Matters Beyond 18 is a platform created for young adults living with brain tumours with the hope of providing additional resources and support for this population. Here you can find information and interventions on a number of topics pertinent to young adults. In addition, we have included TED talks, articles, Quebec-based resources and so much more. Enjoy your browsing!

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We are a team of nursing students from McGill University collaborating with the Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada, an organization involved in supporting and educating individuals and families living with brain tumours.

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The Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada is a non-profit organization that reaches out to Canadians affected by brain tumours in order to provide means of support, education, information, and research. They seek to improve the quality of life of their members as well as finding a cure. This foundation is based strongly on the values of hope, support, caring, integrity, accountability, and collaboration. 

For our community nursing project, as part of our last semester of study, we have worked closely with the Brain Tumour Foundation and some of its clients to identify areas where resources were needed. We have developed an online resource for young adults who have been diagnosed with a brain tumour in order to support them through important aspects of their lives which include relationships, intimacy, fertility, education and more.



Our goal is to assist young adults with brain tumours as they seek resources that will allow them to improve their quality of life.

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